My Why

I love that Rodan+Fields products are tested in clinical studies supervised by certified dermatologists.

I love the community that comes from working with this company.

I love how using Rodan+Fields products makes me feel.

I love helping people feel better in their own skin.

I love that I can raise money for cancer research!

I am a Rodan + Fields consultant because they sell products that I absolutely love! As a scientist and someone obsessed with skincare products, I often find myself skeptical of result claims. I have tested numerous high-end skincare products that in my experience do not live up to their reviews. Some even made my skin worse!

I had seen the before and after pictures from Rodan + Fields for months before deciding to give them a try. I started with Lash Boost in December 2016. I felt had nothing to lose because they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Within 3 weeks, I began noticing my eyelashes appeared thicker, longer, and darker and they continued to become more defined over the next several weeks.

Pictures were taken with no mascara in May 2019 after using Lash Boost every other day for over a year.

In February 2017, I decided to give the Redefine regimen a try. My aim was to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. Six weeks after beginning the regimen, I noticed my skin was smoother and I had less sebum build-up in the pores on my nose. Something I have been trying to combat since high school! After experiencing my own profound results, I found myself wanting to try more and more Rodan + Fields products. Becoming a consultant just seemed like the most financially responsible move.

I also saw the potential to raise money to support my passion for cancer research and awareness. A portion of all my proceeds are donated to organizations that help patients and families impacted by these terrible diseases.

For more information about Rodan+Fields products, visit my website. Use the solution tool to discover what products are right for you. Let me help you obtain the best skin of your life!

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